Small and relatively lightweight, this tester is easy to move from RCD to RCD as you perform testing. The device is also simple to use, and all you need to do to select different tests is to turn the rotary wheel, connect up the supplied test lead and press the test button.

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Devices like RCD tester are designed to prevent people from getting a lethal electric shock when they contact something live, such as an exposed wire, without an RCD present. RCD Tester can also help to prevent electrical fires.

If the RCD detects that electricity is flowing through an unanticipated path, such as a human who has touched an exposed wire, it promptly shuts off the circuit, therefore lowering the risk of serious harm or even death.

What is the best way to test an RCD switch?

Before you begin, briefly press the “test” button on top of the gadget and then let go. If an electrical supply is not there, the button will not test the RCD. By pressing the test button, you can mimic an earth leakage issue and see if the gadget is working properly.

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