Wall fan

3 speed settings can be adjusted directly on the bracket or by remote control, Oscillating fan head and adjustable angle, Timer function can be set by the hour (1 ? 7 hours)

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In contrast to a ceiling fan, which forces air downwards, a wall fan circulates air across the room. As a result, they’re ideal for circulating cool air around a space. They are cheaper to operate and less forceful than pounding the air conditioning. They also take up no floor space because they are wall-mounted.

The Elegant Wall Bracket fan is flawless in each and every respect. It boasts a powerful engine for amazing air thrust and oscillation, as well as aerodynamically built sleek blades for effective air throw.

This wall fan is designed to keep you cool on hot summer days. The appealing design and energy-saving features are a welcome respite. The fan emits a spell of tranquility and comfort whenever it is activated.

Wall fans are made out of Electrical Steel sheets and wound with 99.99% pure copper wire to make sure they are as energy-efficient as possible and last as long as possible. This wall fan is created with high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

Wall Fans are dedicated to supplying Energy Efficient air, which helps our loyal users conserve energy while generating savings for other goals in life. The Royal Petite Fan is ideal for any space-constrained area, such as a corridor, terrace, lobby, or veranda. This small wall fan packs a punch.


  • Design of Aerodynamic Wings to Improve Airflow
  • Oscillation without jerks.
  • Paint of the highest caliber for superior finishing.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Electrical Steel Sheet with high efficiency.
  • 99.99 percent pure copper wire for winding.
  • The motor is powerful.
  • Motor with a Long Service Life
  • Tilting head with adjustment
  • Grill for safety.
  • Wind blowing from various angles.

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