The BW gland is used for indoor application when a waterproof seal is not required. . The CW type gland is used for outdoor applications and where necessary to provide an IP66 seal with the outer sheath of the cable.

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The BW brass glands are employed for indoor applications when a waterproof seal is not required. Brass glands for steel wire armored cables (CW Gland) (H694-XL). The armour wire is clamped to assure electrical continuity and mechanical retention of the cable.

DCG joints are made of zinc alloy with zinc alloy, galvanized with traditional surface treatment, such as chromium plating or nickel plating. Surface treatment can be done at various locations. The device has a compact design, no air holes, excellent sealing, and a high waterproof rating. High material strength, hose steel pipe connection, shockproof, and corrosion resistance. Working temperature: it can quickly reach 120 degrees Celsius. The specification has no limitations. Equipment, box, steel pipe, hose, calibre, thread, and other factors can all influence it.

Material: brass plated with chromium
Performance: Corrosion Resistance
Surface Finish: Electroplating

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