The need for a sealing washer will depend on the ingress protection rating, code of protection of the equipment and the type of entry holes available within that equipment

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IP washer black of high quality designed to keep ingress protection ratings at the connection between the enclosure and the fitting/gland. Designed for use with cable gland entrances and other accessories such as stopping plugs, adaptors, and other parts.


  • Compatible with cable gland entry threads in hazardous locations.
  • Keep the ingress protection rating of the enclosure at its previous level.
  • The retention of pips causes the washer to be captive on the metric cable gland entering the thread.
  • On request, a sealing washer for various thread diameters is available.
  • Sealing washers made of nylon are used to preserve the IP rating of the equipment and gland.
  • At the gland interface, place the IP washer black.
  • IP washer black serves as a load distribution surface or as a spacer for fasteners.
  • Strong materials, such as steel, are frequently utilized in construction.
  • The black oxide coating provides lubricity and mild corrosion resistance.


  • Engineered Nylon with High Performance.
  • -60°C to +130°C is the operating temperature range.
  • 1200 Watts.
  • Motor for induction.
  • 220V.
  • With the lance of foam.

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