The purpose of an emergency stop button is to have a way to turn off any given device in an emergency. Typically these buttons are used on larger machines such as presses in shops.

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A kill switch, also called an emergency stop (E-stop), emergency off (EMO), and emergency power off (EPO). It is a safety device that turns off machinery in an emergency when you can’t turn it off in the usual way.

The control circuit of machinery and equipment includes a series of wires that connect the emergency stop buttons. However, pushing the emergency stop button breaks the circuit of machinery equipment and removes the power supply.

An emergency stop switch stops dangerous parts (loads). The color and design of an emergency stop switch must be clearly visible, and it must be simple to operate in an emergency.

In an emergency, hitting the emergency stop button, which shuts down all machinery, saves time. Emergency stop buttons always stay in a place where it is easy to reach for both; the person in charge of the machine and anyone else, like a staff; who comes into the area where the machine is. It allows anyone to shut down a machine from anywhere in a workshop to prevent accidents.

Finally, keep in mind that emergency stop devices are not safeguarding devices; Emergency stop switches are perfect to supplement guards and other safeguarding measures. Also, it cannot serve as the sole source of security on a machine.


  • Flammable, anticorrosive, and waterproof PC shell; silver tin oxide contact with good conductivity for the connection.
  • A flame-retardant substrate with exceptional temperature resistance serves as the foundation for this table.
  • Used a lot to control equipment, contactors, relays, and other electrical circuits that work automatically.
  • Stop and lock with a push, then reset with software.
  • This switch is well-designed and simple to operate.

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