An MCB or miniature circuit breaker is an electromagnetic device that embodies a complete enclosure in a molded insulating material.

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As soon as an irregularity is identified, the MCB is activated and shuts off the circuit. It readily detects the excessive current resulting from the short circuit. The small circuit operates on a fairly simple premise. Electrical failures and equipment failures can be prevented with these devices, which trip if they are overloaded or shorted circuited.

Why do we use an MCB rather than a fuse?

Fuse resistance is lower than that of MCBs. Any irregularity is detected quickly, and the electrical circuit is automatically turned off. This avoids any long-term damage to electrical items and people. Any excess current is detected by the MCB, which breaks the circuit.

What are the advantages of using MCB at home?

The MCB breaker functions as an automatic switch that protects electrical appliances from electrical overloads caused by anomalies; such as electrical overloads, surges, or thunderstorms.

Where is it installed?

In the case of a split load unit, the MCBs should be arranged in descending order of rating on the Din Rail; with the highest rating closest to the incoming device and a protection RCD in place. The Din Rail can then be used to mount additional module devices.

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