socket tester

Socket testers are portable electrical devices used by electricians for testing power outlet sockets, making sure that they are safe to use and meet the correct standards and operation.

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A socket tester is a portable electrical instrument. You can use it to quickly determine whether wall sockets are properly wired and safe to use. You can either insert them directly into a mains socket or via a lead-connected connection.

Socket tester can be used to test the breaking capacity and normal operation life of switches in homes and other fixed electrical installations. They can also be used to test the breaking capacity and normal operation life of plugs and sockets. The test equipment simulates long-term rotation, insertion, and withdrawal actions of switches, plugs, sockets, and fuse contacts; in order to determine whether the switches, plugs, sockets, and fuse contacts can withstand mechanical and electrical fatigue damage from normal use. Whether the contact points have adhesion phenomena, or long-term closed or disconnected phenomena. Whether the test samples are excessively worn or have other harmful consequences. It’s specialized test equipment for determining the electrical endurance of switches and plug sockets.

Button switches, rocker switches, plugs, and sockets can all be tested for endurance. It features a corresponding control system. Also, it can execute loading tests when connected to an external load bank (resistive, inductive, and capacitive). Please note that the user must prepare the external load bank.

It’s crucial to remember that socket testers aren’t a replacement for thorough testing of wiring installations. When properly designed, socket testers provide a quick and effective option for identifying potentially dangerous installations and wiring issues.

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