Range of modern batten fittings that offer durability (Inclusive of T8 LED tube), High power SMD technology for increased reliability, Sturdy Iron exterior with excellent heat dissipation

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If you’re seeking high-quality LED batten fitting, we’re more than willing to help. Indeed, many people have switched out their old fluorescent batten lights for LED versions to save money on lighting. It helps the environment. We can help you find the high-quality LED batten fitting you need. Contact us whenever you have questions either regarding our LED batten fittings or anything else we offer.

LED Batten fitting is an appealing, moderate, and simple-to-install lighting option for a variety of interior applications. There are a variety of ways to employ batten fitting in a room, including the ceiling- or wall-mounted. LED Battens are truly a very cost-effective alternative to classic fluorescent batten fittings. Since they are extremely energy-efficient; available in a wide range of color temperatures to suit any lighting area. These lights can outlast earlier lighting technologies by multiple orders of magnitude; hence minimizing maintenance and replacement expenses.


  • Indoor use only.
  • Bi-Material Structure
  • Excellence and dependability
  • Conserving energy.
  • The design is compact.


  • Ideal for indoor commercial environments that require bright task lighting.
  • When contrasted to comparable fluorescent lights, it saves a huge amount of energy.
  • Steel body with a white painted finish for a stylish and reliable installation.
  • There are 25mm conduit entrance knockouts for installation simplicity.
  • IP20 rated – exclusively for indoor use.

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