6 outlets surge protector power strip with 900-joule surge-protection rating provides 3-line comprehensive surge-protection for computer, TV and other household, office electrical appliances from voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes.

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Using an electrical connector, a connection can be made between components of a circuit or between circuits, allowing for the creation of a larger circuit. With so many indoor and outdoor appliances, tools, and electronics, it might be difficult to find an outlet to plug them all in. Extensions are useful in situations like these. Whether you require an extra-long cord for better reach or additional outlets for a power strip. Extensions will accommodate your needs. Keep scrolling to see our roundup of the top extension cables to help you select one that suits your needs.


  • The neutral blackish-grey color blends in easily with the background, making it ideal for usage in the office or at home.
  • The space-saving flat design avoids bulky, inconvenient cords from cluttering your home decor and reduces tripping hazards.
  • Flush with the wall, a flat plug allows you to shove furniture against the wall.
  • The right-angled plug won’t get in the way of the other outlets, so you can still use them.
  • You can power many appliances at once with three grounded outlets.
  • With notches on each side, the flat plug is easy to remove from the wall.

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