LEDtube integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. Its unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance which cannot be distinguished from traditional fluorescent.

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The best-LED Tube Rods on the market that can be used to replace any classic T8 tube light. It consumes less energy and emits no UV or infrared radiation. Easy to set up, produces relatively little heat, and is environmentally friendly. LED tube rods combine an LED light source with a conventional fluorescent form factor. Its distinct design creates a visually homogenous appearance that is indistinguishable from regular fluorescents. These T5 lighting tubes are the best choice for maximum performance and are built to withstand everyday use. These T5 LED tubes offer unrivaled cost savings due to their low energy usage and extraordinarily extended lifetime.


  • Absolute performance with a solution for all applications.
  • Unrivaled cost savings thanks to reduced energy usage and a long lifespan.
  • Robust and dependable: withstands everyday use.


  • Straight swap for any standard fluorescent T8 tube lamp.
  • The efficiency of high-power drivers is greater than 80%.
  • IR radiation that is not UV.
  • Design with little heat dissipation.
  • Installation is simple and dustproof.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

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