Per Length
Standard DIN Rails are available in 35mm (7.5 and 15mm deep), 32mm and 15mm widths and are supplied in 1 m (3’3″) and 2 m (6’6?) lengths.

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A DIN rail provides mechanical support for a variety of small electrical components. The following are examples of equipment that might be installed on a DIN rail:

Breakers of circuits
Terminal elements
Controllers with programmable logic
Controllers for motors

To remain in place and function properly, these components require strong mechanical support. They are, however, rarely designed to be affixed directly to a wall or an electrical enclosure panel. Instead, device designers and builders commonly use a DIN rail to mount these components.

DIN rails are often installed on the inside panel of an electrical enclosure or directly onto a wall. Components will be placed directly onto the rail if the rail is installed within an enclosure. If the rail is fixed to the wall, electrical components can be mounted directly to it, or an electrical enclosure housing additional components can be installed on it.

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