Hioki?s line of DMMs includes models designed for all field applications, from the high-end DT4281 and DT4282, which provide 60,000-count capability in a handheld design, to general-purpose 3-1/2 digit models.

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The Hioki DT4200 Digital Multimeter Series has 9 versions ranging from professional to industrial to pocket meter, each with a super quick response rate and safety features that elevate electrical testing.

When it comes to measuring things like voltage, current, and resistance, you can use a digital meter. Measured data are shown on a digital display, making them easy to interpret even for inexperienced users.

  • Precisions as little as 0.3% for DC V and as wide as one thousand hertz for AC V
  • Direct input measurement up to 10A
  • You can monitor both voltage and frequency on the dual display.
  • High harmonics are reduced by using a low-pass filter (when measuring inverter fundamental waveforms)
  • PC measurements are supported through the USB communications capability (optional)
How to Use a Digital Multimeter to Check for Continuity
  1. Set the dial to “Continuity Test” and then press the button. It’ll probably share a dial with one or more other functions, notably resistivity (). When the test probes are not touching, the multimeter may show OL on its screen.
  2. The continuity button can be pressed if necessary.
  3. Insert the black test cable into the COM jack before anything else.
  4. The red lead should then be inserted into the V jack. When finished, remove the leads in reverse
  5. order, starting with the red wire and then the black wire.
  6. Connect the test leads across the part being checked while the circuit is turned off. The test leads’ placement is completely random. It’s worth noting that the component may require isolation from other circuit components.
  7. When a complete path (continuity) is discovered, the digital multimeter (DMM) beeps. As long as the switch is turned off, the DMM will not beep.
  8. Turn the multimeter off after you’re done to save battery life.

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