No Zinc or Stain will Catch these Ever, Dimentions: 35mm Length

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A wall plug (also known as a rawl plug) guarantees that screws driven into masonry walls are securely fastened. Screws would not grab brickwork if they didn’t have them; they wouldn’t have enough compressive power to make a stable, long-lasting repair.

When hanging cabinets, mirrors, and shelves – in fact, everything you wish to attach to your walls – wall plugs are important. Without a wall plug, a standard screw will not remain securely in plasterboard or stone.

There are numerous types of wall plugs; the most popular design utilizes a tapered tube made of a soft substance, such as plastic. This goes loosely into a hole that has been drilled, and then a screw is tightened in the middle. The soft material of the plug swells when the screw enters, fitting firmly to the wall material. Screws, nails, glue, and other simple fasteners are impracticable or ineffectual in situations where such anchors are used. Different varieties have varying levels of durability; you can utilize them on various types of surfaces.

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