The gypsum board plug is made of plastic and is used to fasten light components onto plasterboard/gypsum board.

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Plasterboard, wood, and other thin substrates can all be attached with a plastic anchor known as a “gypsum plug.” With specific wings, it’s possible to mount a gypsum plug safely. Choose the appropriate screw lengths. The plastic anchors are very strong and don’t break easily. The drywall self-drilling screws kit is made of metal, which is strong and doesn’t rust in bad conditions like high temperatures, cold weather, and high humidity.

As you tighten the screw, the split in the ribbed anchors expands on two opposing sides, increasing holding power. The expansion sleeve has an anti-rotation construction, so tightening the screw will not cause the drilling rotation to follow. These drywall anchors and screws are ideal for securing a wall shelf to relatively mild drywall. The plastic drywall anchors keep the anchor from twisting in the hole during installation.


  • The wing form of toggle anchors has a robust support bar that makes installation easier.
  • To support anything, you’ll need toggle anchors wing style. Drywall isn’t strong enough for that.
  • Toggle anchors, commonly known as toggle bolts, are one of the most powerful drywall anchors.
  • In harsh environments, such as high temperatures, cold weather, and high humidity, strength and corrosion resistance are important.
  • The plastic anchors are extremely sturdy and difficult to break, while the self-drilling screws kit is composed of metal and has a good strength-to-weight ratio.
  • With a self-tapping point, we offer a plastic plasterboard wall plug.
  • The stainless steel dry-wall self-drilling screw is strong, robust, has a pleasant texture, and is difficult to break.
  • Fastening performance is excellent with our fixed plugs. They’re also quite simple to utilize.


Suitable for Hollow Structures, POP, Ply Boards, Gypsum Board, fiberboard, curtains, lamps, cross-stitching, frames, ornaments, and other ornamental items.


  • Make a pencil mark on the wall where you want the hook to hang.
  • Make a hole with an 8mm Masonry drill.
  • Thread the toggle onto the PVC anchor after slipping it through the drywall hole.

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