handle hacksaw frame, adjustable With Soft grip

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When using a hacksaw, the blade is usually held in tension by a C-shaped walking frame. Most of the time, these hacksaws have a handle that looks like a pistol grip and has pins that hold a thin, disposable blade together. It is possible for the frames to be adjustable so that they may support blades of varying sizes.

Heavy-duty hacksaw frames are formed of flat steel bar with a red handle; making this one of the more durable options. Closed Grip, High-Tension, Heavy-Duty Hacksaw Frame has a professional quality high-tension hacksaw frame. It is easy to operate and adjusts quickly.


  • The steel body is joined together with heavy cross bolts on both sides.
  • Two clasps keep the blade in place and cannot be lost.
  • Intuitive, adjustable handle for hacksaws
  • A soft grip included.
  • In a congested workplace, the striking red handles provide excellent visibility.

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