Works with widely available abrasive hook and loop discs like foam polishing discs, buffering discs, and air sander discs of various grit, Can be used with drills, polishes, sanders, etc

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Plastic backing pads are power tool accessory that holds and supports sanding and polishing attachments. A locking disc or hook and loop fasteners keep the abrasive or polishing medium firmly in place on the backing pad’s face.

  • Its slotted hub and spirals on the pad’s face allow air to flow, which keeps the disc cool.
  • Helps abrasive discs last longer.
  • Sands metal, plastic, fiberglass, etc.
  • Each pad is carefully molded and tested for perfection.
  • Easy disc swapping.
  • Use with drills, polishes, etc.
  • Reduces heat loss.
  • High-speed polishing-ready.
  • High-quality, lightweight, flexible materials.
  • Sanding, buffing, polishing.
  • High-quality circular plastic.

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