Braided copper strip is in demand in the electrical industry because it is tough and can be handled easily. It is used for a wide variety of applications such as bonding straps, grounding, protective coverings, and cable shielding.

We are a well-known and trusted supplier of silver-plated copper flexible flat braid wire, tinned copper flexible flat braid wire, tinned copper braided wire, flat copper braided wire, flexible copper braided wire, and round stranded copper flexible wire in UAE.

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Copper braided tinned plated is a suitable shielding material for short-run cables because it allows for straightforward radial termination. Provides enhanced shielding efficiency in a variety of applications.

We sell sturdy, flexible copper braided tinned plated wire from the UAE, a prominent and leading e-commerce business. This is merely a form of tin-coated copper wire. In this location, strands of flexible thin wire made of tinned copper wire; both are linked together. This creates a strong braid. They are extremely adaptable and versatile.

You require a connector that provides the necessary electrical value when transporting electrical power to reduce voltage loss. We provide these features in our bespoke connection. These come in a variety of designs for certain jobs.


  • Electric Power Transmission, electricity, and so on are examples of applications.
  • Usage: For Flexible Copper Connector.
  • Conductor Material: Copper.
  • Finish: Bare, tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating
  • Smooth finish, durability, and flexibility are all features of this product.

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