75mm twisted cup brush stainless steel cup wire brush for grinder

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Wire cup brush is used to remove rust, scale, paint, and perform other surface preparation tasks such as deburring and polishing. They are mostly for use with portable power tools, like an angle grinder, and have a threaded hole and nut.

  • Crimped Wire Cup Brush Intended for Use with High-Speed Industrial Angle Grinders
  • Flexible brushing motion is ideal on large, smooth, and uneven surfaces.
  • Paint, rust, scale, corrosion, and other contaminants on metal surfaces can be removed quickly.
  • Steel wire with a diameter of 0.3mm and a copper coating for delicate polishing.
  • Ideal for light to moderate cleaning of large metal surfaces and merging of metal edges.
  • Burrs, spatter, weld scale, and rust are easily removed.
  • Best with a 014-wire.
  • 12,500 RPM fast resolution (RPM).
  • Weld scale, rust burrs, and splatter removal.

Cup brushes are good in demanding metalworking applications like:

  • Removes rust, corrosion, scale, and oxide.
  • De-painting.
  • Weld cleanup.
  • Slag removal from the plate edge after plasma or flame cutting.
  • Deburring.

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