Made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel, the included socket has a hardened round-head threaded pin.

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The Scaffolding Ratchet (part number BS-63B) is a three-in-one tool. Its erectors require to swiftly and easily engage scaffolding posts, fasteners, and clamps. To accommodate the widespread use of 7/8″ six-point sockets in scaffolding; the ratchet comes with a 1/2″ drive, pinned seven-point socket.

  • The accompanying socket includes a hardened round-head threaded pin and is made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel.
  • Because this ratchet incorporates a 7/8 inch deep well 6-point socket, it offers leverage to tighten heavy clamps and bolts.
  • Bolts, nuts, and long screws are securely held in place. The tapered lobular hole makes it easy to line up bolts, reducing fastener damage.
  • The 36 teeth gear, is designed for use on Scaffolding Ratchet. Other industrial construction equipment provides 10 degrees of rotation for working in tight spaces.
  • A vibration-reducing plastic hammer tip protects nuts and bolts from distortion and rounding.

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