Features durable nickel chromium steel construction.These pliers feature a superior long reach design for work in confined areas.

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Nose pliers are typically used to cut and bend thin wires and electrical wiring, but they also have other purposes. Where fingers and other instruments are too huge or clunky, they can bend, cut, and grab. Needle-nose pliers are useful for getting into narrow spaces where normal pliers would be too cumbersome.

The ProTouch grips are more comfortable and help to prevent hand fatigue.
Jaws that have been machined give optimal gripping strength. Cutting edges that have been induction hardened last longer.
Nose pliers have a long-reach design that makes them ideal for working in tight spaces.

COMFORT AND CONTROL: Bi-material grips with many zones.
HARDENED INDUCTION: Cutting edges remain sharper for longer.
DURABILITY AND STRENGTH: Forged steel is dropped.
Finish that resists corrosion

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