Super sticky strength can withstand moderate to heavy mounting with peel adhesion, which is up to 90lb per inch longitudinally. Made with acrylic foam with 16.5ft length, 0.94 inch width allows the tape to bond more effectively with a wide variety of surfaces.

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Double side mounting tapes with a strong adhesive. Large and heavy tools, greenhouse tarps, educational materials, posters, and picture frames can all be mounted on it. The double-sided adhesive tape has been engineered to resist curling, making installation quick and uncomplicated. It’s also easy to peel and incredibly flexible.

The sticky tape is made out of a long-lasting acrylic adhesive with viscoelastic qualities. Making it appropriate for most surfaces, even mounting outdoors or in moist environments. When mounting, maintain the mounting surface dry, clean, and free of oil. So, the tape has good water and moisture resistance. These double side foam tapes are simple to apply; simply peel off the tape and glue it to the object’s surface.

It’s also simple to reposition when it’s not fully compressing, and repositioning has no effect on adhesive durability; when fully squeezed, it attaches rapidly and securely. There will be no drilling, screwing, or heating. LED plate, door edge, bodyside moldings, ABS and PVC rocker panels, wheel lip, nameplate, stainless steel: multipurpose tape with pleasant foam on both sides adhere to a range of surfaces.

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