A Power Switch provides an electrical connection from a voltage source or ground to a load. … This set of electronic switches is used to select and transition between two or more input power paths to a single output while also providing input power protection.

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Power Switches are a device that establishes an electrical connection between a load and a voltage source or ground. It safeguards the subsystems from damage while simultaneously reducing power consumption across several voltage rails. Additionally, it reduces the size of the printed circuit board (PCB) while simultaneously maximizing the protection; it offers to components against inrush current.

Power switches, certain home appliances, and also various other electrical equipment which you can all control via wall switches; are necessary electrical devices. Indeed, the vast majority of the popular types of switches are available at FATRD in a variety of designs, including rocker, toggle, slider, and push-button.


  • Standard wall plate dimensions are necessary for the neutral wire. There is no need to have an in-depth understanding of sophisticated switch setups, wiring; or even the difference between a master and auxiliary switches.
  • However, to replace or repair an existing power switch in your home or place of business; you can utilize these On/Off Toggle Switches.
  • The in-wall switch is a dependable fixture thanks to its sturdy design and strengthened yoke.
  • With the help of this dual pole toggle switch, you can control the on and off states of a single indoor light or fan.
  • Contains a self-grounding clip that enables simple installation in a metal box that has been appropriately grounded.
  • Finally, UL listed and able to support currents of up to 20 Amps at 120 Volts AC.

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