WP LED S (standard) is an intregal driver fixture and can be used as continous run. WP LED Specification Grade Strip fixtures are the perfect choice when less is best.

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WP LED fittings are a constant-current driver fixture. When less is more, WP LED Strip Fixtures of Specification Grade are the ideal solution. Whatever your needs are, WP LED fittings; can provide powerful lighting while also adding value to any interior project. Whether it’s commercial, architectural, residential, or retail. The housing is made of die-formed strong-strength metal with a powder coat finish and an incorporated heat sink liner component. One of our most popular and long-lasting product lines is comprised of extruded acrylic lenses with dimming capabilities.


  • These fluorescent wraparound lights are perfect for replacing older models with just one or two lamps.
  • With an efficiency of up to 115 lm/W, you can save up to 40% over fluorescent wraps.
  • Die molded channel with a low profile and pre-painted finish.
  • The non-dimming driver accepts 120-277V input.
  • For wardrobe or storeroom installations.
  • Capable of surface or chain mounting.
  • Residential 120V FCC class B driver is offered.
  • Applications include those in commercial and institutional settings, as well as back-of-house areas, soffits, coves, and warehouses.

Mounting Options
Mounting options include Wall, Surface, and Cable Suspended.

Source of Light

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