Turbo profile blades for higher air delivery & rigid frame with rubber mountings for silent operation., Totally enclosed, highly efficient heavy duty motor designed to suit voltage/supply fluctuation.

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An exhaust fan pulls dust and other particles out of your rooms and into the air outside. They can also help get rid of heat in the summer. Most of the time, exhaust fans are put in kitchens and bathrooms because of what they are used for; additionally how they affect the air quality in your home.
A kitchen exhaust fan eliminates grease, smoke, and cooking-related aromas. It also draws hot air out of the kitchen. Cracking open a window in the kitchen can help with ventilation issues.

Exhaust fans can quickly cool down hot areas created by activities such as cooking and showering. Without activating the air conditioning system, hot air is vented outside, lowering the temperature of the room. Exhaust fans eliminate excess moisture that could be detrimental to a home.

The fan should be installed on the opposite wall from the kitchen or bathroom door for best performance. The fan can discharge the sluggish air more strongly from this position. Fresh air will come in directly and circulate throughout the space in exchange.


  • 100% copper wire winding.
  • High-Velocity Metal Exhaust.
  • It saves energy.
  • Design that is unique.
  • Long-Lasting Engine
  • Voltage range: 220V – 240V.
  • 100% PP Plastic
  • Freshen the air in your room with a window round exhaust fan.
  • Air circulation.
  • Prevent condensation.
  • Lower the temperature.
  • Reduces smells and smoke.
  • Sheets of electric steel

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6" (Round), 8" (Round), 6" (Square), 8" (Square)

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