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Aviation snip, also known as tin snip or compound snip (despite their differences). It is the greatest hand tool for cutting sheets of metal. It’s simple to cut a straight line with tin snips. It can be tough to make curved cuts, particularly if you are using the incorrect instrument.

Aviation Snip is the optimal cutting instrument for aluminum, vinyl siding, screening, cardboard, leather, and copper. The serrated cutting edges of the snip keep materials from slipping while in use, and the slip-resistant, bi-material cushion handle ensures a solid, comfortable hold.


  • Cuts up to 18ga (1.2mm) 22 gauge steel or cold-rolled steel (0.7mm) steel stainless
  • The flush hardware prevents catching on materials during cutting, and the auto-release mechanism allows for quick one-handed use.
  • Cutting edges that have been induction hardened last longer (compared to non-induction hardened blades) 1/4″ blade marks for precise cuts in a hurry.
  • Permanent laser etching

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