A Utility knife is used for general or utility purposes.The utility knife has ability to change blade, knife with a cutting edge suitable for general work such as cutting hides and cordage, scraping hides and other tasks.

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Knife Paper Cutter 9mm with Manual Blade Lock.  This knife cutter is constructed of high-quality plastic. This M&G ASS91427 18mm Cutter includes a durable plastic handle for a secure grip. This greatest utility knife may be used to cut paper, raw plastic, packing tape, cable, and other materials. This retractable cutter is an excellent addition to any tool kit; whether at home or on the go, this knife is always useful.


Snap off the blade’s dull edge to reveal a new, sharp edge when needed.
The stainless-steel track helps the blade to move smoothly and is rustproof for long-term use.
Automatically secures itself in position to prevent the blade from moving about.
Soft-grip handle provides a stable, pleasant grip and complete control.
The number of blades is one.
Blade measures 9 mm broad.

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