7inch Velcro Disc Pad Holder / Abrasive Sand Paper Grip Holder 7 Inch / Grinder Velcro pad holder/ Sanding Velcro Disc / Velcro Backing Pad

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In a word with Fibre Discs, PSA discs, and Discs, Stone Polishing pads, Wool Pads, and other types of Velcro Pad; There is numerous application for velcro pad including grinding and polishing fake stone, furniture and wood products, metals, automobiles, and other materials.

For contoured work and as an attachment surface for hook and loop or fast change discs; you can use sanding disc backing pads beneath the sanding discs. They provide cushioning. In order to match the vacuum holes in sanding discs, pads might be solid or have hole patterns. Depending on the degree of flexibility desired, choose from soft to firm density.


  • Tough, long-lasting, and of exceptional quality.
  • The tough, long-lasting foam body ensures a constant surface and a lengthy pad life.
  • Smoothness is exceptional. a strong framework;
  • There are a variety of AIR TOOLS and ACCESSORIES available.
  • Polishes metal, furniture, alloys, glass fiber reinforced plastics (fiberglass), laptops, cell phones, automobiles, planes, plastics, steamers, and other surfaces.
  • Made from a natural wool hook.
  • Buff oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches, color sanding scratches, and hard topcoats and clearcoats are all examples of oxidized paint.
  • A double-sided wool pad can help you polish a larger area.


  • Dimensions range from 100 to 180mm.
  • M10 and M14 threads
  • EVA for the middle layer abrasive pad and PP for the backup.
  • Velcro-adhesive Backing Pad

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