The circular saw blade with high-density carbide teeth is designed for cutting soft metal and withstands impact, reduces wear and lasts up to longer service life, no warping.

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Metal Cutting Blades Features:
  • A blade made via laser cutting.
  • Anti-vibration vents eliminate wobble, resulting in straighter, more accurate cuts.
  • Carbide teeth made for metal cutting blades keep their sharpness for a long time.
  • Anti-kickback shoulder on the teeth makes cutting safer.
  • Cutting thin steel with this tool is best.
  • Burr is reduced as compared to abrasive blades.
  • There isn’t a necessity for secondary grinding.
  • Decreased material combustion.
  • The metal-cutting blade is fifty percent more durable.
  • For longer life and more accurate cuts, precise tip positioning is essential.
  • The stiff plate construction reduces run-out and increases the life of the product.

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