For clean, precise cuts in stainless steel and other metals. Creates less noise, dust and heat, meaning less damage and discolouration.

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Grinding blades are typically utilized to eliminate superfluous material from a surface; clean up cuts, and prepare metal components for welding. In addition, they can remove welds from metal and sharpen a variety of gardening tools, such as shovels.

  • Paint remover made nylon web fibers stronger and added a more coarse abrasive to make them last longer. The lifespan of blue clean and strip discs is longer than that of black clean and strip discs.
  • Grinding blades disc construction is of Silicon Carbide, superior to any brand’s product for stirp discs.
  • Efficiently Eliminate Rust, Paint, Scaling, and Oxidation All three of these materials can be used.
  • Auto body shops that need to remove paint and undercoating; while still maintaining the vehicle body will benefit greatly from using; Easy Strip and Clean discs. These discs are designed specifically for this purpose. Please don’t go too fast.
  • High-performance aluminum oxide grain makes the grinding wheel last a long time and takes off a lot of material.
  • A grinder disc with a high grain concentration designed for vigorous grinding action and wheels that operate more smoothly.

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