Hacksaw Blade Bi-Metal 300x18T

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A hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw with a blade that is tensioned in a frame and is used to cut materials like metal. Hacksaws you can hold in your hand have a metal frame with a handle and pins for attaching a thin, disposable blade. The thin blade is tensioned using a screw or equivalent device.

A hacksaw is a type of hand tool that is made to cut through things like steel, plastic, and other metals. They’re a type of hand saw that’s primarily used for cutting wood, and they’ve become a popular instrument among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Concerning this item

  • A breakthrough new blade design that provides up to 100 percent more blade life than previous
  • LENOX hacksaw blade generations.
  • Resistant to shattering.
  • Blades with a bi-metal structure can bend and flex without breaking.

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