There?s something almost magical in the way a simple chalk box creates a crisp, perfectly straight line in the blink of an eye.

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On level surfaces, a chalk line is the quickest way to draw straight lines. It is widely used in the construction sector to ‘draw’ straight lines between two spots quickly and accurately.

The Best Way to Fill a Line with Chalk

Using a squeeze bottle, fill the chalk box halfway with powdered chalk. To settle the chalk, tap the chalk box now and again. Red, blue, white, or fluorescent chalk are available. Fill your box of chalk with blue chalk suitable for general use.


  • Wide Door For Easy Chalk Loading 100′ Abrasion-Resistant. Poly Line Offers 5-6 Strikes Per Pull
  • For greater longevity, strength, and torque, use a robust steel handle with a large center hub.
  • Impact resistance is provided by durable aluminum housing.
  • Gear Ratio of 1:1

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