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Polyvinyl chloride unplasticized PVC is one of the most popular modern composite trunking materials. Even if it makes the best use of scarce materials; lengthy and secure to produce, utilize, and recycle. PVC cable containment is simple to set up, light to manage, and inexpensive.

PVC trunking allows several calls to process at the same time, which is essential for many businesses. Although the same trunk links all business users (both in-office and remote); the signals route across a single trunking link, allowing each connection to approach the intended target.

Accordingly, people often put PVC trunking under floors to protect things like pipes and electrical cables. Failure to protect these items may result in damage and costly repairs. Also, our cutting-edge trunking systems are suitable for securing cables and pipes.

How can I figure out what trunking size I have?

Multiply the numbers of each cable by the structure accordingly and contrast the total to the trunking capacity figures; presented to determine the trunking size required. Consider the following scenario: How big of standard trunking do you need for 10 35mm2 cables and 16 4mm2 cables?

What is the purpose of PVC cable trunking with a high impact rating?

On the whole electric cable trunking made of PVC keeps wiring systems neat and shields cables from breakage.

  • Good insulation, capable of withstanding a voltage of 25 kV, ensuring a safe system.
  • Integrated with a self-extinguishing mechanism for further safety.
  • Acid, base, and salt resistance ensures cheaper maintenance costs and longer service life.
  • Impact resistance: Compression and impact-resistant; appropriate for burying in concrete.
  • Non-conductive: Excellent insulation, capable of withstanding a voltage of 25 kV, ensuring a safe system.
  • Fire resistance: having self-extinguishing capability.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Resists acids, bases, and salts, resulting in fewer maintenance costs and longer service life.
  • Smooth surface: Low friction and high flow capacity guarantee that the cables flow freely.
  • Easy to Install: Lightweight, easy to cut, transport, bend, and handle; simple solvent cement and threaded connection with no leakage.

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16*16, 16*25, 25*38

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