A Selector Switch is a device used to start or stop current flowing along a circuit or multiple circuits.

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On the front of a panel are the selector switches, making them simple to find and touch. Most selector switches come as a complete unit called a terminal block. This means that the selector switch actuator, contact block, and fixing collar are all part of the same block, making it ready to use and easy to install.

What is the purpose of a selector switch?

It’s possible to open and close electrical contacts using a selection switch by turning it right, center, or left. There are two or three electric circuits to switch between when using this equipment. It serves as a connection between people and machines.

What exactly is a rotary switch and how does it work?

A rotary switch is a switch where the contacts and connections change depending on whether the spindle is turned clockwise or counterclockwise.

What exactly is a three-way rotary switch?

When we rotate the handle in either a clockwise or anticlockwise manner, we get three different positions.


  • The insulating and high-temperature-resistant properties of a flame-retardant PC form. Rotary selectors are easy to operate thanks to the adjustable handle and the square plate and screws for attachment.
  • The copper of the highest quality, alloyed with silver, gives this product superior thermal conductivity and prevents it from sliding around easily. The quality of the changeover switch has improved, as has its service life, and it is more durable for everyday usage.
  • Ideal for electrical wiring in power switches, speed switches, and induction motors, as well as control circuit conversions.

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