When two wires are connected by a cable trunk, one of the wires serves as a node or switch for the entire wiring system. Cable trunking systems come in a variety of designs to ensure that there are no issues caused by tangled cables. The time spent providing connections to numerous clients from a single wireline has been cut in half thanks to cable trunking. There are three types of trunking systems available for GI Pipes:

  • 90-degree swivel
  • 45-degree swivel
  • Tee Trunks

There are a few different types of cable trunks than the ones mentioned above.

1. Weatherproof Cable Trunking in the United Arab Emirates

The cables are mostly protected from dust and water. This GI trunking is flanged on the outside. They are fitted with gaskets to guarantee a tight seal.

2. Service Outlet Cable Trunking in the United Arab Emirates

These GI trunks are utilized when three or four compartments are required to accommodate the cables without mixing them.

3. Roof-mounted cable trunking in the United Arab Emirates

These sorts of GI trunks are developed when flexibility is required.

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