Metal clad switches and sockets are constructed from heavy gauge and durable materials, which makes them ideal for high traffic commercial and industrial environments where impact damage may occur.

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Metal clad switch and socket is made of heavy-gauge, impact-resistant materials, making them appropriate for high-traffic commercial and industrial situations. Factory and workshop spaces, as well as sheds and garages, are examples of places where decorative styles are inappropriate.

In theory, they should be equally as safe as a plastic box if the front and rear are both earthed out. To get to the outlet or switch, the conduit will simply run vertically down the wall from the ceiling down to the outlet or switch down.


  • Rugged design with a metal-clad finish that is sturdy and lasting.
  • Profile with an Elevated and Rounded Shape.
  • The faceplate is screwed on.
  • Screw Terminals are a type of connector.
  • Knockouts on the sides and bottom.
  • Finished with a powder coat.
  • There is no coating on this item.
  • Metal Clad switch sockets with a lot of heft.

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