For gaining the required powers for a particular electrical device, the industrial plugs and sockets are used. The electrical equipment is connected to the AC power supply through these sockets and plugs

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Industrial plugs and sockets for multiphase use give a link to the electrical system. Mains with higher voltages and currents than standard household plugs and sockets Polyphase systems, large currents, or environmental risks necessitate the usage of these devices. There is a possibility that industrial stores will have.

These devices are for connecting various pieces of equipment in a wide variety of applications that require the ability to connect and disengage components. When it comes to safety, dependability, and durability, ABB industrial plugs and sockets are the best choice.


  • Reliable contacts reduce the number of stops and power outages, resulting in enhanced output.
  • Durable equipment saves time and money by reducing the amount of time and money spent on maintenance.
  • Safe connections help to avoid accidents.
We have classified our industrial plugs and sockets into four categories:
  • Easy & Safe offers high-quality goods for everyday use.
  • Tough & Safe makes products for places and situations that are tough.
  • Critical & Safe sockets are those that include extra safety features.
  • Industrial plugs, connectors, inlets, and socket outlets with screwless terminal connectors are known as Fast & Safe.
The following are some of the most important advantages of industrial plugs and sockets:
  • In exceptional circumstances, industrial plugs and sockets are far safer to use than naked wires and cables.
  • Because the vast majority of high-quality industrial plugs and switches are constructed of thermoplastic material and are water-proof, they function extremely well in environments that have high temperatures or high levels of humidity.
  • They are less expensive and more accessible than other types of wires and cables.
  • For any electrical item to connect and disconnect from the power source, industrial plugs and switches are important and necessary.
  • They’re not only simple to set up, but they’re also very straightforward to use, have high impact resistance, and have a long lifespan.
  • When an unexpected electric current travels through the electronic components, they operate as a circuit breaker. As a result, you can assist to keep devices and people’s lives secure.

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16A 3P 220V Male, 16A 3P 220V Female, 16A 3P 110V Male, 16A 3P 110V Female, 32A 5P 220V Male, 32A 5P 220V Female, 32A 5P 110V Male, 32A 5P 110V Female, 63A 5P 220V Male, 63A 5P 220V Female, 63A 5P 110V Male, 63A 5P 110V Female

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