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A stand fan is better for a room that requires greater air flow than a static fan can give. Also, they are smaller and easier to move than ceiling fans, so they can be used both inside and outside.

This stand fan has been designed to keep you cool on hot summer days. The appealing design and energy-saving features are a welcome respite. The fan emits a spell of tranquilly and comfort whenever it is activated.

The stand fan is made from Electrical Steel Sheet and wound with 99.99% pure copper wire to make sure it uses electricity as efficiently as possible and lasts as long as possible. All stand fans are built using high-quality materials and contemporary manufacturing techniques.


Motor with three speeds and a heavy-duty design.
100% pure copper wire for winding.
Design of Aerodynamic Wings to Improve Airflow
Sheets of electric steel
Heavy Metal.
High RPM.
Heavy-duty construction.
It saves energy.
Design is stunning.

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