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Bending Spring is a metallic, flexible spring used to bend PVC Conduit Pipes by providing the stable internal structure required for a distortion-free, clean bend. The bending spring has two ends, one with tapered ends and the other with ring ends.

These bending springs allow soft copper and aluminum tubing to be bent by hand into any form without collapsing the tube’s wall. Easy installation and removal of these Bending Springs are the primary goals of these springs. The spring is significantly larger than necessary, allowing it to travel freely along the tube. Turn the two thumb grips to reduce the overall size of the spring once it has reached the appropriate setting. When you’re done bending, let go of the thumb holds, and the spring will get bigger, making it easier to take off.

What is the best way to use a pipe bending spring?

Step 1: Choose your pipe.
Step 2: Smooth out the pipe’s end.
Step 3: Thread the spring through the pipe.
Step 4 – Leave a small amount of skin visible.
Step 5: Curve the pipe.
Step 6: Remove the spring.


Ideal instrument for bending PVC pipe with adjustable bending angles and avoiding flattening the pipe while bending.


  • High-quality, long-lasting, and re-usable.
  • Bend copper pipe without kinking with this tool.
  • Spring steel with a long life span.
  • It’s easy to use.

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20MM, 25MM, 32MM

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