Lightweight tough and durable,More viewing room for better results, Heat treated No. 10 shade lens and clear glass protective lens

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The UV and infrared radiation emitted by welding arcs is a serious health threat to anyone wearing a helmet. There are still a lot of possibilities on the market. The first question is whether you’ll use the helmet for a single duty or a variety of them.

Arc welding procedures including shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and gas metal arc welding are all common uses for welding helmets. To avoid arc eye, which is a painful condition in which the cornea is inflamed, they are essential. Welding helmets can also protect the retina from burns, which can cause vision loss. Unprotected exposure to the highly intense UV and infrared rays released by the welding arc causes both conditions. The welding arc’s ultraviolet emissions can also harm unprotected skin, generating a sunburn-like condition after only a few minutes of welding. Gases or splashes, in addition to radiation, can cause skin and eye irritation.

Most welding helmets have a window with a lens shade that allows the welder to see to work. Most helmets have tinted glass, tinted plastic, or a variable-density filter created from a pair of polarised lenses for the window. Different welding techniques require different lens tints.


  • Suitable for a wide range of welding tasks.
  • It has a handy flip front that makes it simple to remove.
  • The view area is standard at 4-1/2 by 2-inches.
  • Fit is easily customizable.


  • Dark welding glasses are designed to shield the eyes from the welding arc. When not welding, a clear glass view is available.
  • The adjustable headband offers a snug, non-slip fit while keeping the user’s hands totally free for work.
  • To repel particles and splashes, it balances well both up and down, providing a comfortable fit.
  • It’s a lightweight device, which makes it ideal for long shifts. It also has the toughness that rough working circumstances demand.

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