The products are widely used in construction, power, rescue and other fields.

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A safety belt is a piece of equipment that goes around a person’s waist and connects them directly to a lifeline or higher structure. When working at a high altitude, it is necessary to wear a fall arrest device to prevent a person from plunging to his or her death.

What is a safety belt in the construction industry?

A safety harness is a type of personal protection equipment (PPE) designed to catch a person if they fall while working at height.


  • Rope with two strands;  We provide belts in nylon webbing finishes as well as several belt size alternatives.
  • In addition, these ropes are available in a variety of diameters and lengths; as well as finish materials such as polypropylene and nylon.
  • In addition, we provide the harness in a variety of colors; with spring or snap hook attachments as an option.
  • It is useful for mountain/rock climbing, floor escape, rappelling rescue, mountaineering, tree caving, firefighting, aerial work, downhill, engineering protection, and other activities.


  • Type of Scaffold Hook
  • Material-Polyester.
  • Yellow is the predominant color.
  • Its purpose is to reduce the likelihood of harm resulting from suspension.
  • Material: Polyester webbing with high tensile strength, aluminum, and steel.
  • Furthermore, it is nice and easy.
  • One Strong, Lightweight D-Ring at the waist (front).

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