Industrial Paint Pens are the perfect way of permanently marking a wide range of surfaces including Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Timber, etc.

Available in a massive range of colors and sizes, these Pens are perfect for drawing, color-coding, and writing identification codes on all Industrial components., These Pens are clean and easy to use, you can write and draw with them just like any other Marker.

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Using a paint marker, you may permanently mark a range of materials, including paper, metal, and stone as well as rubber and plastic. Oil-based ink is non-toxic, has a low odor, dries quickly, and is waterproof.

Can be used on wet and oily metal surfaces in assembling, stamping, and metal production. When the cleaned surface is primed or painted, no halo, bleed through, or ghosting is left behind by the marks that can be removed in a water bath.


Paint pens have a wide range of applications. The most common place for these signs is on storefront windows, where they offer bargains or discounts in the hopes of luring customers in. Restaurants frequently engage a professional artist to “paint” using markers on their windows. Tire lettering is another popular application, in which vehicle enthusiasts utilize markers to personalize the look of their tires.

Paint Marker has become more popular in the arts and crafts world for a number of applications. Sign design, scrapbooking, apparel, glass home products, traditional art, and street art are just a few examples of these applications. An artist should think about removability, odor, pigmentation, and drying time when determining what to utilize paint markers for.


  • Enjoy producing cards or creating art on almost any surface, including rock, fabric, canvas, metal, cup, body, pottery, wood, plastic, stone, chalkboards, windows, black or white paper, and so on.
  • These water-based paint markers are non-toxic, alcohol-free, non-bleeding, safe, and kid-friendly. Permanent on most surfaces thanks to a carefully designed, opaque, waterproof ink.
  • These medium-point tip marker pens have an easy-to-control flow, making them ideal for painting semi-bold medium-weight lines and larger details. They’re also great for fine details and filling in huge areas.

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