Surface mounted and designed for use with their counterpart wiring components, metalclad back boxes are constructed from heavy duty materials for long lasting use.

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Metal-clad switch and socket boxes are made of heavy-gauge, long-lasting materials, making them appropriate for high-traffic commercial and industrial applications where impact damage is a possibility. This can include garages and sheds, as well as workshops and factories because decorative styles are not appropriate for any of these environments.

It is not necessary to earth metal clad boxes as long as there is at least one metal lug that is fastened to the box. You earth the accessory, and the mounting screw receives the ground from the fixed lug.

What are the functions of metal back boxes?

Solid walls, such as those made of stone, brick, or breeze block, require the installation of metal back boxes. Chiseled out of the wall material are these metal back boxes; cut-outs In most cases; these back boxes have metal lugs that are firmly fastened to the frame.


  • Rugged design that can endure the rigors of professional use.
  • Made of heavy gauge steel for extra safety.
  • The epoxy powder coating makes it even harder to scratch.
  • Pressed steel that has already been galvanized.
  • Earth tag has material of brass.
  • There are two types of lugs: adjustable and fixed.

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