Bussmann Division BP/SFE-14-RP Sfe-14 Auto Fuse. All items come ready to display blister packaging. Refer to manufacturer recommendations to ensure a proper fit.
Fuses Size : 10*38

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When the current surpasses a certain amperage, a fusible metal wire or strip melts, interrupting the circuit. If the appliance malfunctions and too much current flows, the fuse trips. This safeguards the wires and the equipment should something go wrong. Fuses contain a segment of wire that is susceptible to melting. If the fuse’s current is too high, the wire warms up and melts, breaking the circuit.

Why are fuses required?

A fuse protects an electrical device or system from electrical overloads that might damage components or wires and perhaps create a fire. Once a fuse has burnt, it must be changed with another fuse of the same type to guarantee that the circuit is secured.

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2 Amp, 4 Amp, 6 Amp, 8 Amp, 10 Amp, 16 Amp, 20 Amp, 25 Amp, 32 Amp

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