Rechargeable led police traffic control light baton for sales

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LED bulbs have a 6000-hour life expectancy. To put it another way, the Led Lens is 12.7 inches long, while the handle is 8.3 inches long. You can’t play with these baton lights. Police traffic wands, traffic batons, safety flashing lit glow wands, air traffic control flashlights, and parking security batons are all examples of items that can be used to light up the world.

These Baton lights are constructed with a button that cycles through its two features. Blinking on Orange is the first press, and Steady-glow is the second push. Durable and weatherproof, thanks to the heavy-duty plastic construction and the bright orange finish of this umbrella. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a wall charger. Up to fifty hours of continuous flashing operation is the standard runtime.


  • High visibility for notifying and directing motorists in low/no-light conditions.
  • 4 super-bright LED beam lights with a range of 3000 feet; 2 D-cell batteries last up to 60 hours (batteries not incl).
  • The baton wand contains a special refractive luminous filter that amplifies light and causes the entire baton to shine.
  • The end-cap lens has an extra-bright output for pointing, as well as a constant-on and flash mode and a handy thumb switch.

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