An isolator is a device used for isolating a circuit or equipment from a source of power. An isolator is a mechanical switching device that, in the open position, allows for isolation of the input and output of a device.

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Isolators, often known as disconnect switches, are devices that work under no-load situations. They are not designed to handle any current making or breaking. They lack an arc quenching system. Its primary function in an electrical system is to disconnect a specific component after a current interruption from that component. They make certain that no current flows across the circuit until everything is in working order. They provide isolation by being installed on both sides of the circuit breaker. Automatic types are recommended in most cases.

These switches are typically utilized when a circuit breaker has to be repaired or replaced. It works as a switch, removing the required component from the circuit where the repair is needed. It has no current ratings, unlike CB, because it is used with the circuit current set to zero. These switches can’t be turned on until CB is turned on, and CB can’t be turned off until the isolator is turned off.

Principles of Operation
The operating idea of electric isolators is extremely simple because they can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. Occasionally, these are utilized as electrical isolator switches, which are similar to switches. This switch can be opened or closed based on the circumstances. However, in some cases, such as transformers, electrical transmission lines, and grid stations; these are positioned in a fixed location permanently to preserve isolation.

An electrical isolator switch is a device that isolates a circuit by both sustaining and inhibiting flowing currents. These switches are found in electrical products such as kitchen appliances and power grids. Isolator switches come in a variety of configurations, including single-pole, double-pole, three-pole, four-pole, fused, and battery isolator switches.

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