PVC saddles tees, also known as snap tees, are used to create a tee fitting for any section of rigid PVC pipe, without having to cut into the PVC pipe to install a traditional three-ended tee fitting.

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Using a PVC saddles tee, it is possible to rapidly connect a tee to an existing PVC pipe, such as those used in irrigation systems. When sprinkler lines are laid out, it can be impossible to predict how much water will be covered until the system has been thoroughly tested.

Thus, PVC saddles give a solid cable management option. Also, these multipurpose PVC saddles can reliably fasten pipes and wires in place, and they come equipped with a screw hole for easy attachment to virtually any surface. The clamping device can be screwed down to snugly secure cables after the base is fastened to a horizontal or vertical surface.

Cable clips and clamps are essentially cable installation and management tools. You can use them to secure cables and cabling to fixed places. They are great for making areas look cleaner because there aren’t any loose wires hanging down. More importantly, they protect cables and people by covering a common source of electrical and trip hazards. The use of cable clamps is beneficial in many aspects of electrical operations.


  • The Decoduct Accessories Range of items includes a white 25mm high impact plain saddle (DSS3 WH).
  • Deconduct circular conduit attachments are the perfect solution for intrusive cable management in both residential and business settings.
  • These high-impact circular conduit attachments have designed and manufactured under a stringent ISO91: 2 quality management system; that complies with relevant British, harmonized European, and international standards.
  • Conduit Fittings meet SABS specifications.
  • Material that is resistant to flames and UV rays.
  • Installation takes only a few minutes and requires only a few tools.
  • PVC Conduit Fittings allow for a simple installation, whether surface or flush mount.
  • Water, most acids, oxidizing chemicals, and electrolytic action will not cause PVC Conduit fittings to rust or corrode.


  • Colour: White
  • Material: PVC
  • Diameter: 25mm

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20MM, 25MM

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