DECODUCT Panel Trunking is a lightweight and durable slotted panel trunking for use in wiring applications where cable protection is essential i.e. switchboards, etc .

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Panel Trunking is a lightweight and sturdy slotted panel trunking for use in electrical applications that require cable protection, such as switchboards, etc. The grey PVC open slotted trunking is appropriate for most commercial applications because of its speed, ease, and convenience of installation.

People often put panel trunking likewise under floors to protect things like pipes and electrical cables. Notwithstanding if you don’t safeguard these, they could get damaged, which would require expensive repairs. Simultaneously, the cables and pipelines that need protection are perfect candidates for the cutting-edge trunking solutions that we provide.

This open slot panel trunking is both adaptable and cost-effective in its design and construction. This cable trunking is suitable for any application in which it is necessary to provide protection for the cables; it features flexible slots that make it simple to slide the cable cover on and off. Additionally, the open slot design permits cables to thread into and out of the trunking at any point. The trunking is resistant to warping and heavy impact, and it extinguishes itself in accordance with UL94-0 standards. This indicates that the trunking is appropriate for commercial purposes, with a focus on safety and longevity. This cable trunking is suitable for carrying wire from switchboards for IT applications; as well as power and network connections in a busy office or factory. All of the models are quite dependable and of good quality.

Features & Advantages:

  • Cable security.
  • Construction with slots.
  • Because it is self-extinguishing, it has a significantly lower fire danger.
  • The slot gaps are 8 mm wide.

Trunking uses:

  • Offices and indoor workspaces of varying lengths are examples of locations where cable trunking; you can use it mostly for electrical cables.
  • Workshops for electrical work.
  • You can find customers wandering amongst cables in schools, hospitals, hotels, and other places.


  • Materials for construction.
  • Electrical Appliances.
  • Improvements to the house.
  • Solutions for industrial packaging.
  • Compounds of Plastic

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25*25, 40*25, 40*40, 60*40, 50*50, 60*25, 80*40

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