Screwdrivers are a stock standard item needed in every home and on every construction and building project.

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Screwdrivers are a must-have tool in every home, as well as on any construction or renovation project. You have the most common flat head and star screwdrivers (we have enough in stock and in all sizes). FATRD in UAE is the finest place to get screwdrivers for any purpose because we only offer high-quality items and sell them at the lowest possible costs.

Classification of a screwdriver is based on the shape of its tip, which corresponds to the driving surfaces (slots, grooves, recesses, etc.) on the corresponding screw head. The screwdriver tip must engage the head of a screw of the same size and type identification as the screwdriver tip in order to function properly. A vast range of screwdriver tips is available, each with its own unique size and shape.


  • Grip with a soft cushion.
  • Blades made of chrome vanadium
  • Tips that have been hardened and darkened
  • Soft-grip handles in two colors


  • Ideal for expanding a toolbox or as high-quality replacement screwdrivers if your old ones have worn out. This premium-quality extra-tough Chrome Vanadium Steel screwdriver set includes screwdrivers of various sizes and lengths.
  • Each of these screwdrivers is equipped with a powerful magnetic tip, which greatly simplifies and expedites the process of aligning screws. It not only speeds up your work, but it also makes quick work of picking up dropped screws, particularly those in tight areas where fingers can’t reach.
  • We incorporated a high-quality black plastic rubberized handle with raised gripping spots for increased comfort. This not only makes using our screwdrivers more pleasant on the palms of your hands; it also gives much-needed extra grip while tightening or loosening stubborn screws.
  • Our high-performance steel screwdrivers are ideal for a variety of tasks. Including construction, electrical, mechanical, engineering, DIY, home/domestic use, and general hobbyists.

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