5 pcs SDS Plus hammer drill bits set

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SDS drill bits are chisels or scrapers that are compatible with ‘jack hammers’, often known as demolition hammers, and are used for chiseling or demolishing concrete. The SDS Plus and SDS Max models are the most common SDS masonry bits on the market today.

When choosing SDS drill bits, there are a few things to keep in mind. Including:

  • Tip design with carbide tips
  • Quantity and design of flutes
  • Drill bits with no dust
  • In reinforced concrete, a full-carbide, four-cutter head ensures remarkable performance and resistance.
  • Due to a robust and long-lasting welded link between the steel body and the complete carbide head, it can withstand extreme stress and heat.
  • All SDS max rotary hammer drills are compatible.

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